As we said, the fun does not end at Villa Juliaga, here is a list of the top 5 fun and exciting things to do recommended by families and friends who have already travelled Florence!

1. You could soak up the wonderful culture of Italy by trying their famous Florentine Steak at the majority of Italian Restaurants located just meters from the Villa.


2. You can also gorge on the wonderful Renaissance art the Uffizi Gallery has to offer, you can visit the Gallery whenever you feel like and can spend up to 3 hours viewing the beautiful artwork.

Uffizi Gallery

3. Partially close to the Villa you can view some stunning and unique Jewells, you can find these at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and can have your chance to own some for yourself.

Unique Jewells

4. Also for the Wine lovers you can get your grapes on at Vivanda, Vivanda boasts an extensive wine list of over 120 organic and biodynamic labels from across Italy and the world.

Vivanda Wine

5. What ever the age is it’s still good to get serious about ice cream that Florence is famous for, the year-round speciality is the sensational Crema di Grom.

Ice Cream

So if these haven’t won you over yet, here is a list of even more exciting things reccomended to do at this marvellous City.

  • Florence is famous for its out-of-town fashion outlets, but if you only have time to do one, make it the mall.
  • Temporary bars, set up in streets and squares, are a hot summer phenomenon, with piazza Santo Spirito usually playing host to nightly gigs and events.
  • When things get too hot to handle, head for one of Florence’s impressive outdoor pools.
  • Chill in the hills at the outskirts of the city, the cafés and bars dotted on the hills at piazzale Michelangelo,
  • Every evening from mid June until September, free jazz concerts are staged at piazza della SS Annunziata.

Al the recommended activities are either in or close to the City which you can get free transport in to, so I hope you enjoy your stay and relish this amazing experience.



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